Maggie is a curvaceous delight with a spontaneous smile and generous spirit.   She is also captivating temptress, creating a love spell woven with her gentle hands and her creative spirit.  With long dark hair and eyes that blaze with interest, she can easily capture your attention and will hold it as long as her spell lasts. 

Don't worry, she will never hold you captive when you want to go, but that spell can be very hard to break.  It's created when your are intertwined with her spirit, when her smooth skin brushes yours, when her imagination takes flight from your whispered words.  Your problem will be finding the willpower to break her spell.  But when you do, your spirit is lifted and your soul feels lighter.

RATES for Maggie

Companionship - Hour 250
Companionship plus Kink - Hour 300
Mutual Massage - Hour 240
Available for DOUBLES! Call

STATS for Maggie

Ethnicity White
Height 5'7"
Body Type Generous Curves
Bust 338D
Hair Drk Brown
Eyes Medium Brown
Piercings No
Tattoos Some


as early as 11AM and as late as 7PM!



(510) 605-4888 (No texts please!)


  • Monday - Friday: 10AM - 6PM
  • Saturday: 10am - 4PM
  • Sunday: Closed