A decadent feast awaits those seeking Mona’s company, and you will be rewarded with her generous spirit and playful mind.

Engaging and fiery, warm and demanding, Mona is seeking like-minded companions that want more out of every experience… and are willing to put more in to achieve it.

With short beyond-sassy hair, and generous curves, Mona delightfully pulls the eye of the connoisseur, but enraptures once she looks you straight in the eye. The depth of joy and warmth she wants to share with you is intoxicating, and day dreaming about Mona has been known to cause uncomfortable moments in the board room.

So what do you want… a savory meal that will satisfy on every level and leave you satiated and satisfied? …a succulent tasting menu that entices all your senses? …or a sweet delicacy that lingers in your mind endlessly?

(510) 302-9178   (no texts please)