The tall and lithe Opal Sage is a striking middle-eastern beauty with a sleek body, and her all-natural curves are generous.  Standing 5’11”, there is no missing her arresting figure as she moves through the room.  Intelligence and seduction shine in her eyes, and the creativity she inspires is unparalleled.

Earthy and highly empathetic, Opal loves to work with clients with disabilities, and finds a special pleasure discovering the new with those struggling to find it themselves.  Bring your shyness, your hesitations, and let her ease your worries and help you find the truth in your own body.

An experienced kinkster, Opal is attuned to the energy of the moment and a natural switch.  Adventures await for those brave enough to challenge her, to subdue her, to consume her.  But beware, you may find yourself a light snack for her instead, and never understand completely how it happened.

(510) 302-9178   (no texts please)