Chat with a Lairette!

As we are all being asked to do the socially responsible thing and limit our contact with others, we are all finding ourselves in a tough place… lonely.

And as you can imagine, closing our spaces has meant a drastic change in the income for the various ladies, and tough times trying to keep ourselves stable and supported.  So we had this wonderful idea to help everyone…chatting with a Lairette!  Here’s how it goes:

You buy a call sheet from the Lair for a one time cost of 20 dollars, and included in that call sheet are phone numbers for several Lairettes that have opportunities to talk with you.  That list currently includes Frankie, Ariella, Innara Belle, LindseyJasmine, Catie, Julie and Amy.

Once you have that call sheet, you can make arrangements for a time to talk with the lady/ladies of your choice at a time that works for both of you!  You will get everyone’s phone number, and it will be updated with others as they get access to a number.

You must text first, and make arrangements to pay the provider directly for your call.  We are asking 40 dollars for a 10 minute call.  Once you have made that payment, you will be allowed to call that provider at a time agreed upon by both of you.

We have asked everyone participating to have access to Cash App and Venmo for payments.

To be very clear, this is not phone sex.  If you are interested in something like that, feel free to approach the provider in your initial phone conversation (not text before you have paid for her time) to see if they are interested and what that might cost.  Flirty and playful conversation is welcome, but there are strict limits to what is being offered here, and pushing for more will get you thrown off the approved call list.  As will being any kind of boundary pusher, including on the time allowed.

Think about this as an opportunity to make a new friend, to explore something friendly and supportive with your favorite provider, or just a super nice way to help our ladies who are struggling hard.

Please email to purchase the call sheet.  The approved caller list will be updated to the providers at the end of the day, so you will be able to call the day after your confirmed purchase.