Ginger Snap

Ginger Snap, a delightfully abundant beauty, has all the geeky street cred you might be looking for. With an incorrigible desire to please, Ginger uses her wildly creative imagination with immense skill, bringing grown men to places they never dared dream of. It’s not just the sweet, generous curves that will entrance you, it’s the enchanting combination of a sweet smile and a salacious drive that you will relive in your fantasies.

Ginger is a natural redhead, with gorgeous alabaster skin, and a fiery passion for life that makes you want to scream with bliss. Play is the cornerstone, joy is the goal. Whether the path to your joy is kink or companionship or massage, Ginger brings all of her knowledge, skill and compassion to the forefront to ensure that your pleasure is the focus.

(510) 302-9178   (no texts please)