Ivy Ginger

In one moment, Ivy Ginger is a sweet southern belle, with all the comfort of a warm evening sipping ice tea on the veranda, and in the next she is a hypnotic brand blazing it’s way through your imagination. Where has this intriguing woman been? Why haven’t you been captured, ravished, and played with this way before?

It isn’t about what you expect that makes Ivy such a minx. Yea, she has naturally red hair that falls in waves down her back, and large green eyes that always smile, but that isn’t what will captivate you… Her slender, willowy figure is flexible and she moves like a jungle cat, but that won’t keep you coming back for more.

What captures your imagination and inflames your energy is the way she gives… endlessly and with an open heart. A picture is pretty, but a warm, engaging, intelligent woman with an intense desire for pleasure and a sensual approach to time spent with you is worth more than a mere 1,000 words….

​300 for a generous hour
2​25​ for a playful half-hour
(510) 302-9178   (no texts please)