Jamie is a natural beauty who is both a pleasure seeker and thought provoking conversationalist. Her laughter is always lurking behind her smile, and the sensual glint in her eye is a promise she means to keep…if you can handle the results. Whether she is gracefully submitting to your whims or masterfully easing your strain, Jamie will find the way to please you best.

The lovely Jamie is a petite, green-eyed beauty with long wavy brown hair and a smile that can transform a room to brilliant sunshine. Slender, yet with curves in all the right places, her contours are truly magnetic. Jamie has curiosities unbridled and still unimagined… are you adventurous enough to scratch the surface?

Playful, engaging, and decidedly indulgent, you don’t want to miss this unique and mind-expanding opportunity!

(510) 302-9178   (no texts please)