The blonde comes slinking across the room towards you. She is tall and striking, clearly very fit, and your interest is caught. She looks your way, and a secret smile comes to her lips… and you instinctively know that the mind behind those lips is seductive and passionate.

She continues across the floor towards you, her blonde hair swinging behind her and her perfect figure outlined dramatically by the light behind her. She steps into the light and when you see her eyes you realize that she is the rarest of creatures, a mature and polished woman with self confidence and charm, yet still has an open heart.

She eases into the chair next to you… across from you is too far… and leans in and quietly laughs at your smile of delight. Her curves are on display and with a single soft whisper she fully engages your mind. Your senses are suddenly on alert, and you cannot wait for the next word, the next wicked thought…

Come by, and find out what happens next….


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