Once upon a time there was a lovely lady named Amy. She loved to dance, and especially appreciated that her dance partners were all unique.. and varied…

But alas, Amy was tempted away to pursue other pleasures but she always missed her dancing. Luckily, she has found her way back to the dance floor, and is now awaiting her next partner…

Now that you know my story, please… whisper in my ear… what is your favorite dance?

The slow and stately waltz, where your bodies teasingly touch and your eyes speak volumes, with your hands and the gentle pressure on your back or shoulder being all that is needed to guide you?

The lively and passionate Salsa, where the movement is precise and almost violent, where touch and sight are of equal importance, and where the touch of bodies is repeated over and over?

The sensual and steamy Tango, where your bodies are in full contact and your lips are never so far apart that you cannot feel the whispered breath of your partner?

The dance always requires two willing and eager partners. At the pinnacle our dance is a sublime combination of rhythm, movement and balance of desires between each person… the perfect alignment of synchronized movement, the flirtation of touch and motion where two partners are in perfect harmony and the energy flow is seamless…

Come dance with me. I can’t wait.

400/hour ~ For scheduling information please call 510-302-9178