Safety First

The safety of both the providers and the clients in our space is vital.  Here is what we are doing to keep everyone safe:

What we will be doing

  • All staff are asked to stay home if they are symptomatic and staff will be sent home if they are observed to be symptomatic.
  • Providers are asked to take themselves off the schedule if they have a known exposure.
  • Each provider will be showering completely before each session.
  • We are scheduling all appointments 30 minutes apart to insure we have time to thoroughly sanitize all surfaces in between sessions, including knobs and door handles inside and outside of rooms.  We also ventilate the room between sessions.
  • Each provider will wear a mask in all public areas of the building and the space.
  • No kissing is allowed at this time.

What we ask of you

  • You must be both vaccinated AND boosted, and bring your card or QR code to your next visit.  If you have already brought in your card, we *do* need to see it again to confirm the booster status.  If you wish to use a a picture of your card, you must be prepared to show your ID to prove that the card represents *your* vaccination.  If you are unable to be vaccinated then we are unable to book with you at this time.
  • Be in good standing at the Lair.  Our standards have increased as our security and trust becomes even more important.
  • Agree to pay in full for any appointment where you are denied service because you arrived with any sign of illness.
  • Agree to pay a $100 cancellation fee for any appointment that you do not actively cancel at least 1 day in advance and the full payment for any appointment you confirm and then need to cancel or request a change we cannot accommodate.
  • Each client should be free of any signs of illness within the last 14 days, and have not been physically close to any one who has been ill in the last 14 days.  
  • Each client must freshly wash, including the washing of hair, immediately prior to the appointment.
  • Wear a mask in all public areas of the building and space.

And lastly, we ask for your respect and understanding for any minor changes in service that might be in place due to health concerns.  We continue to promise the consistent quality of experience you are used to in our spaces, while taking the utmost care for our own health and yours.