Work With Us!

Finding a way to balance your work and your life can be challenging.  It can often feel like you must be available 24/7 to capture the business you need, and that can create challenges in the rest of your life.  If you are constantly worrying, constantly juggling, constantly updating and changing what you are doing to bring in business, it can feel like you aren’t getting the down time you need to recharge your batteries and meet the needs of everyone and everything else in your life.  And that is a heavy weight.

We are here to lift that weight in whatever way we can.  Need someone to cover your phones and emails when you are focusing on the important things in your life?  We got you!  Need a safe and well-appointed space for your appointments?  We have that for you!  Looking to expand your client base?  We have 5,000 clients prescreened and waiting to meet you!  Need new photos?  Everyone we work with gets a free photo shoot and free updates regularly.  Whether you need a small boost for a limited time, or a long term arrangement, we have multiple ways to support you.

We work with providers of all ages over 18, all types of services, all modalities, all body types, all races, and all levels of experience. 

We work individually with providers to offer booking and screening services, working with your criteria for screening or ours.  No matter how we do it, our professional bookers have the expertise to make sure the clients you will meet are up to your exacting standards.

We also work with discreet incall locations that provide safe, clean and reliable space for your work.  Each is fully equipped for all modalities of work, and some provide the security of working with other providers. 

If you are interested, please email us at We look forward to working with you!