Our Range of Services

As we continue to expand our services to better suit your needs, we want to be sure that each of you are getting the service you are actually looking for. Below you will find our descriptions of the various appointment types available.

We cannot delve too deep into the specifics of these services beyond these descriptions because each provider is unique and offers services that are specific to them. We are confident that you can do research elsewhere for further clarity.

Massage is a massage focused on you and you alone. It’s a sublime hour where you can forget everything and relax into the pleasure of her touch. Your happiness is a guarantee.

Mutual Massage is a massage where you are not only the focus of her attention but you can focus on her as well, using the same kinds of massage techniques she is using on you. Mutual happiness, what could be better? It’s a great learning opportunity!

Massage with Kink or Toys or Gel is massage where you can explore even further with a toy show, or light bdsm/fetish play or with a gel massage/body slide. Touch focused, massage with kink or toys or gel is the same happy experience as the mutual massage only with accessories… and the best accessory is your imagination!

And if the massage options are not as adventurous as you would like, here are some other options:

Companionship, which is NOT massage, although if you request it some of the ladies are willing to mix modalities. Instead, companionship is a more intimate focus on your desires, with a wider range of services available than the massage sessions. To access these services you must book a companion, not a masseuse.

Companionship Plus Massage is a more intimate focus on your desires, with a wider range of services available than the massage sessions alone. Sometimes it can be very nice to include the combined range of both services with one of our more experienced masseuses… relaxation on multiple levels.

Companionship Plus Kink is a companionship session Plus! Adding Kink to the session means a more intimate and involved exploration of your secret desires, with accessories and an innovative imagination to guide you.  Kink cannot be negotiated with the booker, and each provider offers a range of kink explorations that are unique to them.  If you book for a kink session and the provider cannot offer the kink you are seeking, you can change your appointment to Companionship in the session.

Kink plus Massage, our latest offering, is an exciting session that starts with a deep exploration of your hidden desires and ends in after care where you can completely relax into the touch of your domme.

A Generous Hour is best thought of as a therapeutic hour.  Your time starts when you are called to come into the space and ends when you walk out the door.  But between those times you are our full focus, and we are delighted to serve your needs.  There is never a premature end to your time, from a back rub to a final cuddle, we want you to be completely relaxed during your time with us.

And please do not forget that our services are all legal and we strongly prefer experienced clients that are clear on what they are seeking. We appreciate that we are a great place to begin your adventures but your research should be done other places before calling us, so that we can best address your needs.

Thank You!
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