Inside the Lair

Welcome to the Golden Lair, located in the East Bay just a few miles from the Bay Bridge. We have a quiet and relaxed space for you to enjoy that is very private and is located in a safe neighborhood. Discover the Golden Lair difference…an experience like no other. It’s a luxurious space created exclusively for comfort and pleasure.

The Ladies of the Lair epitomize the same wonderful “client-centered” experience that made the original Amy’s Lair a Bay Area legend. If you’re tired of liaisons in seedy locations and the ol’ bait and switch, experience the difference it makes when a passion for pleasure is at the forefront. Get inside the Lair today and you will be pleased – We guarantee it.

Our pictures are real, and representative of the person you will be seeing, and we never no-show or mislead you in our interactions with you. We want a positive experience, where trust and relaxation abounds! Our honesty about who we are is the very beginning of that experience.

We provide everything that you need to enjoy your time with us. If you wish to bring special refreshments you are welcome to do so but please check with Allison before bringing anything. Not all the ladies drink, and we do have allergies in the space, so your questions about what to bring are most welcome. Under no circumstances should you bring illegal substances, including your medicinal substances. If you do so you will be asked to leave immediately.

When you arrive, please be respectful of our neighbors as well. We will give you clear instructions on how to find us; be confident in those instructions and be sure to look like you know where you are going! We will also give you very specific parking instructions that must be adhered to for our safety. If you do not follow our instructions you will be asked to leave. If you get lost, please do not stand in the middle of the street on your cell looking confused. Please return to your car and give us a call. We’ll be happy to get things straightened out. (510) 302-9178