Kitty Cabana. THE Kitty Cabana. KITTY F'N CABANA!!!!

Kitty's allure is magnetic, drawing you in with an enchanting pull that defies resistance. To know her is to know a realm of pleasure, where laughter and touch become the language of connection, and earthly desires are brought to life by the bewitching temptation of a woman who is both down-to-earth and divinely intoxicating.

She wears her sensuality like a second skin, unapologetically embracing her desires and inviting others to do the same.

Her joyful energy, like a shimmering aura, envelops you in a cocoon of desire and anticipation. The way she leans in, her breath a soft promise against your ear, ignites a fire that courses through your veins, setting your very being ablaze with longing.

RATES for Kitty in the East Bay

Companionship - Hour 500
Companionship plus Kink - Hour 560
Available for DOUBLES! Call

STATS for Kitty

Ethnicity Japanese & Irish
Height 5'6"
Body Type Dancer's build
Bust 32A
Hair Black, trimmed
Eyes Chocolate Brown
Piercings None
Tattoos None


as early as 11AM and as late as 7PM!



(510) 605-4888 (No texts please!)