Kitty Cabana. THE Kitty Cabana. KITTY F'N CABANA!!!!

Ok, if you aren't an old skool RB'er, you may not know the incredible gift that is Kitty Cabana. The absolute DARLING of the RB days, Kitty was one of the best providers out there.

Sweet. Sexy. Smart. Funny. Kitty is everything you dream she will be, plus more affection and intimacy than you could hope for.

The years have been very kind to Kitty, and while she looks almost exactly the same, her mind and perspective on life have matured like a fine wine. Come find out what the richness of life as added to the incredible experience that is Kitty Cabana.

RATES for Kitty in the East Bay

Companionship - Hour 500
Companionship plus Kink - Hour 560
Available for DOUBLES! Call

STATS for Kitty

Ethnicity Japanese & Irish
Height 5'6"
Body Type Dancer's build
Bust 32A
Hair Black, trimmed
Eyes Chocolate Brown
Piercings None
Tattoos None


as early as 11AM and as late as 7PM!



(510) 605-4888 (No texts please!)