Rain is a soft touch in the dark, a whisper in your ear, a delicious savory taste… or is that sweet?

Rain is an earthly angel, with a glint in her eye, a honeyed voice, and a spirited mind… or is that devilish? With shoulder length glossy curls, and a dreamy set of curves, Rain is waiting to wash from your mind any tension you carry, and to ease your body from the stress of the world.

With her intelligence, she will excite your mind as well as your soul, with her lush imagination she will enthrall, with her touch she will soothe.

New but not innocent, young but fully a woman, Rain is waiting to learn, and to teach…

(510) 302-9178 no texts pls
Massage 220/Hr. | Mutual Massage 260/Hr. | Massage w/gel, kink or toys 300/Hr.
Companionship 450/1.5 Hr (only for Rain’s established massage clients)