Imagine yourself in a place of warmth and pleasure, a place where you can relax completely and surrender to your own fantasy fulfillment.  This heavenly place can be found easily, all you have to do is meet Melody.

Melody is a sweetheart, a compassionate and calming woman who has a capacity for joy and a sense of adventure that is unparalleled.  Bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair means she is eye-catching to begin with, but when she shares one of her heavenly smiles, she is the essence of beauty.  Voluptuous curves flow over her body, creating a perfect package of sublime bliss.

Time with Melody is about you, and finding that perfect place of total relaxation and total relinquishment of the days worries.  Finding pleasure in the little things that please you is Melody’s goal, and one she is determined to achieve.  Here is a place for your secrets, your hidden desires…they are safe in Melody’s hands.

(510) 302-9178   (no texts please)