When a tall, elegant, stunningly sensual woman walks into the room, you can’t help but stare…but Ananda will make you want to get up from your chair and walk over to talk to her, to get a glimpse of her smile, to hear her lyrical voice, to pretend for just a moment that she is yours….

A fierce libertine, Ananda is an arousing mix of intelligence, passion, and delectable drive to get the most fun out of every moment. At times refined, and at others, the embodiment of hedonism, Ananda wants to explore deeper, to places where your whole self is fully immersed in the experience. And she wants to go there with you.

Go on…talk to her about her degree, her love of good wine and food, or her desire to make the perfect dessert from her own two hands. Explore the bewitching mind behind those lovely eyes, and then ask…ask for her to apply that ravishing mind towards your pleasure. Just be prepared to get what you ask for….



(510) 302-9178   (no texts please)