You probably already know that Amy’s Lair connects you with the most incredible ladies in the Bay Area, compassionate and playful, sincere and passionate…but did you know that you can get into TWICE the trouble…?

We have several ladies that have a genuine connection that they would like to share with you. Doubles rates are the two rates of the ladies combined.

Pepper and Sylvia

The deadly dancer duo of Pepper and Sylvia is already renown… two slender toned flirts just waiting for your requests… Pepper and Sylvia offer companionship at a combined rate of 550/generous hour.

Serena and Delphine

The feisty fetish duo of Serena and Delphine… let these ladies give you four hands worth of your particular kink… Serena and Delphine offer “massage plus kink” at a combined rate of 550/generous hour, and 660 for a “companionship plus kink” generous hour.

Serena and Leona

The ripe and luscious duo of Serena and Leona. Let Kink Queen Serena guide you and Leona, or you and Serena can guide Leona, or Leona and Serena can guide you! Companionship at a combined rate of 450/generous hour.

Interested in a double with ladies not listed here? It is always in your best interest to gather your courage and ask…you never know when you can spark a fire that they didn’t know was possible…

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